Philips Freestreet wins Dutch Design Award


  • Date Completed: October 2011

24 October 2011 the new street lighting solution Philips Freestreet received the Dutch Design Award. It is the best professional product. Freestreet is designed by the Design for Lighting Team at Philips that is headed by Rogier van der Heide. The designers on the job were Ramon Janssen, Thomas Duester and Oscar Peña. Guys, congratulations with this fantastic accomplishment!!

Other finalists who did not win were KLM with Marcel Wanders and Ahrend with Ineke Hans. Earlier this month Freestreet already received a Good Design Award in Australia.

With traditional mercury vapor lamps banned in the EU from 2015, urban planners are seeking innovative alternatives. The Philips FreeStreet street lighting system offers a progressive and exciting solution. It will also help to clear some of the clutter from our busy urban landscapes. The system eliminates traditional streetlight poles, and connects an array of LEDs along narrow cables that are virtually invisible during the day. The result is lights that appear to float in mid-air. This flexible, lightweight solution provides uniform light distribution with no visible or physical obstruction from poles at eye-level.

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